be still my heart...

over the weekend, during the cha fun, i participated in some of the cha challenges at studio calico. this layout was for one of them.

the challenge was to do a bold title, which is a little out of my comfort zone so i thought i would give it a try.  

and i love it.  go figure.  :)

like my "style", it's still pretty simple, but that large title tells the story.  

and that boy right down there, well...he stole the rest of my heart.

i welded and cut the title with my silhouette.  love that machine.

then i just added some simple tags, papers, doily, stitching, splatters to try to dress it up.

nothing fancy, but it's another layout in my project 52.


  1. beautiful! it's bold...but still soft! i like it!

    1. Thanks Kimber-Leigh! I am really surprised at how much I like it. I'm usually much more "vanilla"! :)

  2. I am amazed you cut that title. Mine would tear during cutting and tear again when I tried to get it off the mat. I could never cut something to fine. Awesome

    1. Thanks Laura. Getting it off that darn sticky mat was probably the hardest for me. I did lower my blade (to 5) and slow my speed down to 3 to make sure it cut correctly. I bet you could do it!! :)