love letters...a mini album

i love mini albums.  a lot.

they are probably my favorite thing to make.

i made this sweet little album for the weekly challenge over at studio calico.  the challenge was to use their printables to create something.

as soon as i saw the heart card in the front row printable set i knew i wanted to use it for some type of mini.

after some thought, i decided to write little love letters to my family and document them in this book.

this came together so easily and i really loved having just a few products to work.

i used plain white cardstock cut to 5x5 for the album.  
for the cover, i stamped the cardstock with some shimmery puff paint to add a little more texture and depth.  i added a piece of crate paper's new line as the backing with a doily and the heart card printable from studio calico.

i created a confetti heart (you know i love confetti) using some clear packaging.  i sewed the majority of the heart and then poured in my confetti before sewing it up the rest of the way.

i stamped "love letters" onto the printable tag and attached it on the page with some cardstock from the 34th street scrapbook kit.

i used photoshop to alter the colors of the printables so i had a little more variety.  plus....what love album doesn't include pink, right?  :)

i created a little pocket page using vellum to hold a little "to" card and my "love letter".  i sewed on a little bit of ribbon at the top of the card so the card could be easily removed.

my letter is folded in half and glued onto the back of the card.

i used the front row printable tags to add some simple journaling on all the blank pages.

(this is my favorite page)

i even wrote a letter to myself, which was very insightful. i've never really done that before.

thanks so much for looking!
there's plenty of time before valentine's day if you want to make one for your loved ones!!


  1. This is so adorable. I love all of your pages! I especially love how you highlighted one photo per page

  2. hi there :) i hope you don't mind but i mentioned you on my blog today! your confetti inspired me so i thought i'd leave a link to where i got the idea. have a great evening!

  3. i don't mind at all!! thanks so much! you know i love some confetti! :)

  4. This is just the cutest thing.... You are so talented!

  5. this is so cute!! love how have been styling your photos with confetti!

    1. Thanks jen! I am digging confetti right now!!!