project life: week 16

already on to week 16.

it was really weird not posting my spread from week 15.  but.....if you wanna see it, you just have to sign up for the pop it off the page 2 class at studio calico!  my week is featured, as well as soooo many other awesome projects and layouts. need to sign up!!


week 16....
here is a look at the week together.  nothing too exciting from us.  pretty much the same as most weeks.  outdoor play time, park visits, playing at home, painting, crafting...typical week.

the die cut with confetti is a "peek-a-boo" window from last weeks page.  i love how you can see through to the previous/next week.  that's probably one of my favorite things to add...

i added a little more journaling this week, i think.  i wanted to include something about the boston bombings (so so sad), so i typed up my reflection on a little 3x4 card from the studio calico snippets collection.  the "make something today" transparency card is from tina aszmus at i grabbed a pack of her cards at christmas and i have been hoarding it since!!  

and look at that little baby bottom....seriously.....

let me know if you have any questions!!  i'm happy to answer them!  thanks so much for stopping by!  have a great tuesday!

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  1. Just beautiful. I love all the blue you used. It works SO well with the photos.

  2. Just gorgeous. Love your work. And agree, cute bubba bum! Lol

  3. Such a cute spread yet again :) That little nakie picture cracked me up, so cute to capture those moments!