jot magazine: mood board challenge #6

there is a lovely new mood board up at jot magazine!  the colors are so soft and beautiful. 

i have a hard time working any shade of purple onto a page for some reason.  mostly because i can't really dig up any purple in my stash so i'm left spinning in circles.  for this mood board, i tried to draw my main inspiration from all the beautiful minty green colors....

and here is my take on the mood board.

i felt like the colors and images screamed "party" so i went through my picture stash and found this photo of my daughter's fourth birthday princess cupcakes.  the little lilac crowns and hearts on top of the cupcakes were perfect.


  1. Oh this is beautiful. Loving those circles too!

  2. How did you do those circles? They are so glossy and gorgeous!

    1. I used shimmer puffy paint and a lid. It's so easy and is one of my favorite ways to add texture and dimension to a page!!

  3. Hi Steph,

    I chanced upon your blog through pinterest and I love your wonderful style.
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    Somehow, the email got bounced back, and apologies on having to put this in the comment.

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  4. Lovely page :) I like how you used the inspiration :)

  5. I love this page! I read that you used shimmer puffy paint for the circles - did you buy the paint or make it yourself?? Where can I get my hands on some or how do I make some??
    Absolutely love all your creations<3