currently: august edition

august is wrapping up and i'm quite torn.
i love the relaxing part of summer, but i also crave schedule and structure.  i think my "everyday" right now is all about trying to get that structure back into swing.

lots of planning and simplifying going on right now.  i like it when things are simple.  i have a new filofax on it's way to me so i'm hoping that helps with the planning part.  as for simplifying, i am trying to go through each part of "my" day to figure out where i can make things easier.  (usually that involves more planning, right?).

i'm calling it "project simplify"!
trying to simplify...
our weekly meals
our daily schedule
our "stuff"

it's a work in progress....and probably always will be.  i'm ok with that.

lots of cleaning and organizing. (goes along with simplifying).  i painted these jar tops this past weekend to spruce up my craft room.  it was feeling a little too "sterile" for me.  i'm loving the colors in the room now.  just need to add a few more touches and i'm calling it done. 

lots of preschool prep going on too.  haircuts, doctor's appointments, shopping for lunch boxes.  it's a busy time, but i know that the "schedule" part of my life will be back soon.

is your summer wrapping up?  are you wanting to simplify anything?  simple is always better, right?

happy friday!


  1. Summer for kids here in Hawaii is pretty much done!! Simplify is the way to go. but i cant seem to do simple either!!

    good goal. Your kids are to cute!!

  2. I would loooove to simplify my life some - but instead I just seem to take more on!
    Look forward to seeing your craft room makeover - love the colour you choose for the jar lids :)