week in the life: project life edition

today, i am sharing how i incorporated this week into my project life album.  originally i was just going to skip this week, but then i loved the photos from the week and i couldn't pass up putting them in my album.  i did keep it very simple for completion sake....  

i picked my favorite photo from each day and then printed them 4x6 with a white border.  i added ali edwards days of the week brushes onto my photos prior to printing.

for the middle journaling cards, i mainly added pretty cards, a calendar and some quick journaling about documenting our week.  the beautiful journaling cards are from dearest someday.

here is a look at the finished spread...

simple and easy.  and it's done.  that's what matters most to me.  sometimes i let these projects percolate in my head for a while and then lose steam to actually finish them in a timely manner.  not this time.  i made my plan and stuck to it.  i definitely think that having the book printed gave me enough energy to finish up my PL spread.

i will definitely be completing this project again.  maybe in 2-3 years.  looking back through our three albums, i can definitely see how we've changed but since i keep up with project life, i feel like that is documented.  i do want to try to take more "everyday" photos (but those cute kids always steal the scene!!).  

what about you?  how is your week in the life album coming??  did you document in PL?

thanks so much for visiting today!!  let me know if you have any questions!



  1. I love LOVE LOOOVE your PL! this is amazing!!

  2. Loving all the white space, I need to try putting a white border around my 4x6's! I usually only have room to do it on my smaller images but this looks worth the extra time :)

  3. This is amasing! I wish I could do smth like that! So much air in your PL, so much lightness...

  4. Very cute way of incorporating it into Project Life! I did mine only in project life in a similar fashion, but with my journalling in the middle because I just knew I couldn't complete a separate album too [I only challenged myself to get at least 1 photo a day]. I love how light and bright your album is!

  5. Love this method for documenting WITL in your PL. I, too, participated in WITL and was hoping to just add those pages to my PL binder, but didn't like the bulkiness of the extra pages (done in 8.5x11). However, this idea of choosing just one fave from the day is brilliant! I may be 'lifting' this idea...

  6. You make my minimalist heart flutter.

  7. i realize this is an old post but i just found it and have to say, i adore your beautifully clean style. I love the font and the PL cards you used and i love the images themselves. I was wondering a couple things and hoped you might be able to help me. 1. where did you print your pictures with the border? Or is it something you can only do on a home printer? I have asked for one for mothers day just to get this look! And 2) the ali edwards days of the week overlays, is that something you did yourself with the ali edward's font? or did you purchase them as overlays? I would so appreciate your help. And thank you so much for the inspiration! You have made me want to do this.