workspace wednesday...

just a glimpse inside of my storage suitcase.  this is where i keep my extra tags, embellishments, etc...  i used to have them organized into page protector sleeves, but they kind of drove me crazy.  so now they all sit in this suitcase.  i just rummage around when i need something.  love that they are all together in one place...


  1. Such a fun little suitcase...

  2. Wow AWESOME. Maybe that suitcase should travel to me, looks like it's full of goodies! I'm always afraid to add everything in on big pile like this because I think I won't notice or remember what little bits I have. Does that ever happen?

    1. Hi!!!

      You know...I'm so anal when it comes to my supplies but all these little bits and pieces were driving me crazy!! I actually didn't even use them very often because I had them in page protectors in my craft closet. It just wasn't working for me!! :)

      Now whenever I make something, I just dump them out in the floor, rummage through them and then throw them back in. Some of the newer packages (and my faves...Maggie Holmes, Close Knit) I've left in the package together. And my DT stuff is separate. All of these are older and just sitting hidden!! I love that they are all together.

      And....that was a reeeeelly long answer to that question!! Sorry about that!!


  3. oh, what a lovely idea, I will do the same for my stuff, I have a suitcasewhich is perfect for this.
    thanks for sharing