my mind's eye: january mini album

i'm on the my mind's eye blog today sharing my january mini album tutorial.  go check it out!!  it's a fun and easy way to create a pocket mini album!  


  1. This is so pretty! Your mini albums never fail to inspire me! Sorry I could not watch your twopeas video even though I'm dying to. Youtube is blocked where I live and proxy servers arent working! :( The pictures look amazing though and the flip book effect seems lovely!

  2. looks amazing Stephanie! Love all the light and air in your projects!

  3. Absolutely stunning!! And thanks so much for the inspiration - it's the Misters birthday on Tuesday and although I knew I wanted to make a mini for him, I did not know what kind of, now I do! :)

    And just a question: do you print your photos at home? They always look so bright and really good! If so, what printer do you use? I'm still searching for the right one because I don't like to order pics everytime I want to scrapbook..

    1. I do print at home, Kathleen!! It makes the process so much easier! I have a Canon Pixma All-in-one Printer (fax, scan, print). I use Ilford Smooth Pearl photo paper and I think it makes all the difference in the world as far as getting my photos pretty and crisp. :)