fold out mini book

we are going on day three of being "snowed" in.  we technically could have ventured out wednesdsay morning for a little while, but no one could really predict what was going to happen and when so we just stayed put.  we're hoping to make it to a valentine's day party today if the weather warms up enough to melt all of that ice out there!

i've tried to find a little quiet time in my craft room (i.e. quiet time consists of my children too...) everyday for my sanity.  i did manage to put together this fun little mini book inspired by nicole reaves' "mini book mini workshop" at studio calico.  i love making minis and this one was super fun.  plus, it's always fun to use supplies as soon as they arrive on your know...when they are still super new and super fresh.

the outside book is roughly 4.25x4.25 and each page is 8x12.  nicole's technique for assembling the book is pretty awesome and i'd never made a mini like this before!!  

here's a look at my mini...


  1. Gorgeous! Your minis never disappoint! I just won the love mini workshop from jen gallacher and saw your album! Its lovely!

  2. This is just so great! I am in the class too but haven't started mine yet. Hoping to get to it next week. Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. So gorgeous! I'm wondering how you typed onto those small gold labels? Do you tape them onto a bigger piece of paper and then type on them?

    1. Hi Wendy! I just put them right through my typewriter. So easy!

  4. I live that your using a typewriter. Is that something you picked up at a thift shop? If you don't mind, what brand is it?