A Peek Into My Craft Space

Today, I thought I would give you guys a little peek into my craft room....also known as my favorite place on earth.  As you will see, it's full of baskets, jars, bowls and the like.  And I'm pretty sure organizing this room and all of my stuff ranks right up there with actually creating something.

I've taken over our guest room and made it all mine.  When my son transitioned from a crib to a bed, we needed the bed from the guest room, so I got it all to myself.  We debated buying a new bed for guests, but.....  (I so don't want to give up this room!!).

It's not too terribly large, but it's perfect for me!  It has the best morning and early afternoon light for photographing and videos and that's just awesome.  The Expedit shelf is against the back wall when you walk in.  The white cabinet you see in the middle of the room is a kitchen island I picked up from Target.  I really wanted another workspace and this one was perfect since it wasn't too it has storage, so it was a win-win!  I keep my Project Life album out and open on this table top.  I love working on it throughout the month.

The Expedit is full of locker baskets and goodies.  These baskets were either found at Home Goods, or ordered through Amazon.  I rotate these out occasionally, but for the most part, they stay the same.  I try to keep some of the smaller products from my design teams here.  When I work on a project, I can just grab a basket and go.  As you can see, I like things organized, but slightly messy...meaning...the stuff is just dumped into the baskets, not organized and stacked neatly.  I think that's how my "life and house" are in general.  Organized and clean looking, but slightly messy if you open something and dig digger.  

I keep my very favorite supplies in this basket.  Lots of Dear Lizzy and Maggie Holmes.  When I have some free time and really want to create, I pull out this basket.  It's so full of inspiration I can't stand it!! : )

Each design team also has it's own 12.5x12.5 storage box for papers, scraps and other random things. I picked these up at Michaels last year and I bought all the white ones they had.  They still have them, but I can't find any more white ones to save my life.  They are perfect because they hold 12x12 papers so bending, no squishing. 

On top of the Expedit, I have this fun little open cabinet.  Here, I have jars of flair, buttons, wood veneer, etc.  I also keep a bowl of the silhouette cuts that never made it to a project.  (Bowls and egg cartons are from Anthropologie; jars are recycled food jars.)

To the left the book shelf is a 6-drawer dresser.  My stamps, tools, punches, adhesives live here.  The top drawer is full of little bowls that hold paper clips, sequins and other random embellishments.  The key to me is having everything visible.  When I'm starting a project or looking for something, I can just open these drawers, pull out what I need and get to work.  I usually leave them open while I'm working on a project so I can grab and go.  

Above the dresser is my inspiration board.  This just very well be my favorite thing in my craft room.    It's kind of like my own "Pinterest".  (The cork board is from Home Goods.)

Opposite the dresser is two large windows that let in the most beautiful light.  I have a large walk in closet in this room, which gives me a half wall.  I have a large desk here and I use this as my main workspace.  It's actually an old dining room table that I painted white.  It's great because it's a little higher than a regular desk and it allows me to stand and work and not feel like I'm hunched over.  I'm a stander.

Bowls, jars and dishes are my favorite part.  I have them all over my craft room and I keep collecting more.  Every time we finish a jar of jelly or a candle, I check out the bowl/jar to see if it's worth keeping (it usually is).  

This lazy susan rotates supplies throughout the year.  Whenever I feel like "cleaning", I will switch out supplies.  A fresh look at supplies is inspiration in and of itself.  (This lazy susan is from Amazon.)

More and more bowls and jars....  You can never have too many.  I love for everything to have a place and having a little bowl to store them has been a perfect solution for me.  

If you have seen any of my recent videos at Two Peas in a Bucket, you probably know that I like to organize a "tray" of goodies before I begin a project.  This helps keep me focused as I work.  It keeps me from running around and searching for things and it also limits what I have to work with.  I obviously don't bring a ton of supplies, so if I think of something that would work, I just go grab it.  Super easy!  

I use this tray frequently for projects.  It's a serving tray I picked up from Target a while back.  It has a little depth to it and handles so it's easy to pick up and move around.  I basically use it to hold cards, bowls, 6x6 paper pads and dishes.  It's not large enough for 12x12 papers, so I usually just slide those underneath whenever I'm in the middle of a project.

This tray isn't as deep, but it is large enough to hold a 12x12 paper.  It also has handles so it's easy to tote around too!!  (Purchased from Amazon).

And this tray is even smaller, but is deeper and lets me keep a bunch of papers, paper pads, etc.. together for a project.   It's also from Amazon and came as a set of three.  :)

And that's it!  That's where the magic happens!  Ha!  I so wish you all could come over for a little tour and crafting!!  How fun would that be???

Happy Thursday! 


  1. so beautiful. I just love your space <3

  2. I love your craft room and all those jars and bowls filled with amazing scrapbooking supplies are just soo cute!

  3. Just lovely. I can see why you don't want to ever give it up! Love how you are so organized and those little bowls are so sweet...

  4. lovely space!! just gorgeous. i craft from my dining room table. so i'm very jealous of your space. :-) i'm also a stander when i scrap. ;-)

  5. How fun, what a pretty space! I've seen the white boxes at my Michaels....I would be happy to send some to you if you need more.

  6. This is a beautiful and inspiring place you have in here :)

  7. Love how your organize your space ;)