For the Love of White Space...

It's no surprise that I'm a big fan of white space.  I love starting with a blank white page and adding paper layers, colors, photos and embellishments.  Embellishments are my favorite and I think a white canvas lets you add as may embellishments as you would like!  

This week at Glitz Design is all about white space.  And I took this challenge very literally.  When I started my layout, I knew I wanted one photo in the center of my page with very soft embellishments at the bottom of my photo.

Here's how it turned out...

I added a small piece of mint green washi at the top of my photo just to break up the top whiteness a little.  A small sticker, heart and date stamp adorn the bottom of my photo, again to break up the white and ground my photo.

I could have added a few paper layers, or even more embellishments, but I really wanted to take a minimalistic approach to this page.  Sometimes a photo is all you need.  :)


  1. these days, I've been crazy white space to try and clear clutter and go minimal / love it! It's clean and direct!

  2. I just LOVE your page to this weeks Glitz theme, Stephanie.

  3. I love this and you could even put some hidden journalling under the photo! Thanks so much