Farewell Two Peas...

It's such a sad day in the scrapbook industry today.  I am so heartbroken that Two Peas has closed their doors.  It has been such an honor to be a part of a team where the inspiration runs so deep and the talent is amazing.  I still remember where I was the day I read Kristina's email about becoming a Garden Girl.  I remember having a "not so good" day that turned around just like that after reading her message.  Two Peas was one of the very first places I landed after discovering Ali Edward's December Daily.  I didn't really frequent the message boards, but it felt like home anyway.  I loved perusing the gallery and shop and just drooling over all the latest and greatest supplies.  The Garden Girls were like gods to me and I loved their videos and daily inspiration.  Being a part of a team of women who you admire greatly is one of the greatest pleasures I've had in this industry.  I love this community.  I love the friendship, encouragement and love.  It seems that "paper" is slowly taking a backseat to everything digital and that in and of itself makes me utterly sad.  I love paper.  I love books and supplies and pretty embellishments.  That will never change.  And I know that many of you feel the exact same way.  We might be a small group and we may not be able to carry one business to success, but I know this hobby will never end.  I need to record my memories.  I need to write all these things done.  I need to print my photos and make pretty things.  I will definitely miss Two Peas with all my heart, but I know that things change and life goes on.  Hugs to everyone.


  1. Such a sad day!

  2. Thanks for this! I was a member for two years and I can't image how the long time members must feel. I loved 2Peas and just loved knowing it was there. It was great to be able to go on the boards and ask a "how to" question, check out the gallery, and get inspiration from the videos....the videos, I will truly miss. I am so thankful for you and other scrapbookers that inspire me daily. And it is true, we just have to keep doing what we do and keep making what we love. :) Evie

  3. It is so sad! I am wondering where people will shop & create a new home now? Any ideas or suggestions?

    1. I have loved TwoPeas videos and galleries for years. Try for great shopping and shipping rates.