Project Life: June 2014

This spread covers the beginning of June....lots of lazy mornings, play time, dance recitals and backyard picnics.

I used a variety of papers, cards and embellishments from the Gossamer Blue July kits.  I used several of the Crate Paper Open Road playing cards because I just love them so much, as well as several journaling cards designed by Peppermint Granberg.

Keeping with my "simple is easier" method for this Summer, I added quick journaling throughout my spread and occasionally on my photos.  There aren't a whole of words here, but I feel the pictures tell the "story" and I am super happy with that!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made to print my photos the size of the pockets I'm using.  It takes all of the guesswork out of "what should I put in this pocket" and makes my spreads come together so quickly and easily!

I used the words/theme on the journaling cards to dictate my journaling since I really didn't have much else to add to the photos.  And I love that I just went with the flow and documented those thoughts rather than trying to make the cards match my photos.

Easy peasy!!  


  1. Hi Stephanie, I love your project life pages, and Im you use a combination of rounded and square corner journalling cards/ photos for your windows or pockets/ I started PL last year and was very hung up on rounding the corners of everything so it matched! But looking closely at yours, you seem to have both. Wow, that would be very liberating. I found corner rounding very tiresome after a few months but I have so many lovely supplies and kits that are rounded, I wouldnt want to not use them. You clearly don't fuss about using both types ?

  2. Your PL is always so bright and beautiful. You're amazing!