12 on the Twelfth: August Pictures

I'm finally sharing my 12 on the Twelfth photos today!!  The 12th definitely caught me off guard this month.  It feels like it sneaks up on me every month, but especially this month.  I guess it's because my little man was sick and my sweet girl was in school all day.  I didn't even remember until about 5:00 that it was the 12th, but luckily I had captured various points of our day (because I'm a photo-a-holic, apparently).  

Here's a look at our day....

If you played along this month, I'd love for you to link up your day!!  Follow the link below:


  1. Putting a big 12 on the 12th on my calendar next month. I never remember this until around 3pm. lol

  2. I finally remembered this month! I love how it captures a random day each month and I'm thankful I remembered!

  3. loved seeing a peek into your day!!!