Around Here

And I thought things would slow down after the holidays.  Sheesh....boy was I wrong.  January has been packed full so far!  But it's a good full.  Anna was still tracked out of school until this week so I have only had ONE DAY TO MYSELF since December 15th (not that I'm keeping track or anything).  We've been to the beach, roller skating, to the museums and have hit up every Starbucks in North Carolina, I think.  There has been lots of planning and organizing and getting ready for this year.  (I love a new year).  We've had nice, warm days and freeeeezing cold days (hello NC).  Around here, things have been good, although I hope February is a little more relaxing!!  


  1. I'm really learning from your photography, Stephanie - how you frame your subjects and your eye for colour... especially love the bucket of chalk. :)

    1. Thank you Suse!! I'm always learning when it comes to photography!! I love that you can play and play and play and then delete, delete, delete! :)