April Project Life Album: Part I

My little collection of albums is just growing and growing! I really love trying out new sizes and being able to add in random bits and pieces into my books.  

This month, I switched from the awesome 6x8 vertical size (be prepared to see that again) to more of a 6x8 horizontal size.  I thought this would be an easy switch seeing that the majority of my photos are landscape, but it was a little tricky.  I figured it out though, and now I have a book slammed full of our April memories. 

I'm over on the Studio Calico blog today sharing a look at my album, as well as another quick walk through video!  I used all of my Lisse Street kits for my album - I love how everything works so well together!  And I love that there are "no rules" when it comes to supplies!  I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think!!  

Four months, four books.  Bam!


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful album. It is very inspiring.

  2. Stephanie,
    I just found you site....I know right? Where have I been? :)
    I love your mini PL albums - super ideas!

    What tips do you have on how to create holes for your pages/cards/ photos. I know it's a super easy question but I don't have an easy way of punching the holes in non plastic holders to make sure they are perfect with the rings.....seems I'm always off by just alittle bit.
    If I have a 6x8 album by :snap" I usually just put the cardboard inserts on the paper and draw a circle on the paper thru the hole in the cardboard. (like a template) sometimes I even get it right! haha. I can't imagine how you make the holes in the PL cards when you used the white album from Ali Edwards. (March I think)

    What tips do you have to make holes in photos/cards/paper to fit perfectly in the albums? thanks Julie

  3. Your album is absolutely amazing and inspiring!

  4. Thanks for sharing, always great inspiration. I'm definitely loving the mix-match type of project life system, but I am doing mine in one book, so it's definitely overflowing!!!

  5. thats just great! and so easy! will try that some day! right now i do have a yearbook with tags i am using. but it already is way to fat :-) guess i´ll try your album style very soon! thanks for sharing!