A Day in the Life: 5.12.15

I played along with Ali's Day in the Life last week.  Since it feel on the 12th of the month, I decided to stick with taking 12 photos.  That's a super doable number to me and it keeps me from feeling stressed and overwhelmed if I forget to take a few photos here and there.  I used my big camera to document our day and I so need to do this more often.  I love these "random" photos so much.  They show a glimpse at our everyday, and looking back on them, you realize how BIG these small things are.  Did you play along last week??


  1. I had fully intended to join in but forgot to take pictures kind of mid-way into my day. Will have to set another day for myself and then set an alarm to remind me to take pictures! Your puppy is so cute!! Is it a Golden Retriever?

  2. Lovely - and oh, that pup! How will you get anything done now? ;)

  3. Hey.... who is that little guy on the third photo :-)
    Looks sooo cute!

  4. Your new puppy is adorable and the photos gorgeous. I love day in the life, it's not so overwhelming as some of the longer projects. The idea of sticking to a limited amount of photos is a great idea. May adopt this practice if I attempt WITL this year.