Studio Calico \\ Project Life - Summer

There's just something about yellow AND ice cream cones that screams summer!!  As soon as I opened my Studio Calico Galileo Project Life kit, I knew I wanted to put together a Project Life spread from a summer adventure a few years ago.  The photo on the top right above made it into my album that year, but none of the other photos did (I take way too many photos, obviously).  So, I printed them out and got to working on a 12x12 spread (which I hadn't done in quite a while)!

I basically built my pages around the stacked ice cream card and the summer card.  I love the way the two looked together on one spread, so I decided not to split them up.  And my photos of our ice cream and lake adventure at sunset could not have been more perfect.

The right side of the spread is pretty simple - photos, words and a few extras!  I created a "confetti" type pocket using the camera piece, a cork number and a few smaller hearts/embellishments.  I used my Fuse to seal the pocket shut!

This spread kind of made me miss the 12x12 size.  It real is so easy to work with and I really love how cohesive the pages look here.  

And I "might" have ordered another Project Life kit just for this cute little bunny and his stacked ice cream cones!!

Oh, Project Life - you are just too fun!!  
Did you pick up the Galileo Project Lift kit?  How can you resist those ice cream cones?


  1. Oh, that bunny and his ice-cream! I'd order two too

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