Books, Books and More Books

My favorite Project Life add-on this month was definitely Cream Soda.  The cards, the extras and....the stamp!  That book stamps is just amazing - and I'm not even a stamper!  

We love books at our house, so I went through my photos and pulled out pictures that related to a book theme!  I typically don't create "themed" pages in my Project Life albums, but I really really enjoyed making this one and am excited to add it to my July book.  I think I have a problem with order/dates and I just need to let that go (like I can't include a June photo in my July album - weird, right??).

I stamped the book stamp on the bottom of a piece of trimmed white card stock, added my typed journaling and then a sticker title.  Creating my own personalized journaling cards is the best!  Not to mention, it's a great way to stretch those supplies!

Did you pick up Cream Soda this month?  It was sold out in a flash!  Hope you got it!  


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  2. I'm the SAME. EXACT. WAY when it comes to not being able to include photos taken in month A in the month B's book.

    I just wrapped up ordering my June book last night and struggled SO HARD with having to include a handful of end-of-May and beginning-of-July photos in it because ***GASP*** the memory card from the "real" camera containing all my June pictures was erased before the photos were saved to my computer. Double devastation right there.

    These pages though? Gorgeous. We're huge readers in our house, too...and I definitely have some reading-centric pages planned!