My December Daily 2015

Hello!!  Today, I thought I would share a look at the rest of my December Daily/Project Life album! This is the FINAL book in my 2015 Project Life series and I really can't believe that this project is over. Each album is truly a treasured keepsake... And just looking back through all of our photos, I am just SO shocked at how quickly my kids have grown and changed.  The days may seem long, but wow, the years are short! 

For December, I decided to combine my book to include both our daily activities, as well as our Christmas events.  The beginning of the album is more "day-to-day" stuff, and the end of the album is more Christmas-y stuff (which is basically how our month went). 

I used a 4x4 album that I had in my stash and I just LOVE this size. I know I've said it a zillion times before, but if you are on the fence about wanting to create a mini album, this size is the perfect size! Promise!  I kept the pages super simple and easy, and as you will see in the walk-through video and photos below, repetition is the key to finishing!  

I've shared pages 5-14 in another blog post, but below is a walk-through video of the entire album (excluding days 1-4 which were part of the 25 Days class at Studio Calico)!  Enjoy!!

Have I mentioned I really love this size??? :)
Thank you SO much for following along with me this past year! 2015 is fully recorded and really is such peace of mind knowing that my photos are OFF of my phone and computer!  Tomorrow, I'll be back to share with you some of the things I learned this year. If you have any burning questions, just leave me a comment here and I'll be sure to answer them tomorrow!! Yay!


  1. Joyful album for sure!
    Have you posted your
    Bloom Collection
    winner yet?
    Carla from Utah

  2. Thanks for doing a walkthrough! I love looking at your monthly books!

  3. What a sweet album! I love the 4x4 size and your 'full page' photos. Something that I realised while doing my 2015 DD in a 6x8 album was that I want to go smaller for my 2016 DD. This has definitely inspired me and I must remember to look back at this come November when I'm in the planning stage!

  4. Loved it so much Stephanie! You have a way of adding so much fun to your books and to the scrapbooking process. I can't wait to see what you do in 2016!