Tutorial: Full Spread Photos

I LOVE full spread photos! Adding them into my albums and mini books is one of my very favorite ways to showcase special photos.  These types of photo pages are SO easy to make and today, I thought I would share with you just how easy they are to create using your photos!!  This short video will show you step by step my process for creating fun full spread photos!  

So what did you think?? Easy, right??
Go print your favorite photos and create a full spread photo page in your albums!!!  They are just so fun! xoxo

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  1. This is simple yet beautiful. I just listened to Tracie Claiborne's podcast with you and just loved it. Although I love the concept and playing with the products, I struggle with scrapbooking because I like things to be consistent and uniform - I struggle with starting an album because what if I don't like that format. LOVE that you just give yourself permission and even plan to do something different each month or year. Just love it. I'm going to try and just jump in and if I don't like it, well then, I'll change it or do something different. I'm sure it sounds silly to you but listening to your process was like a light bulb. Thank you.