A September Project

There's something about September that seems to spark a new project for me. Last year, I did a photo-a-day challenge throughout the month of September, which was super fun. This September, I'm going to mix things up a little and attempt to do a video challenge. I think I tend to get into a little bit of a creative rut when my kids go back to school and I have a little more "free" time on my hands. It's amazing to me how much my kids inspire me and help to spark my creativity.
I tried to take more videos during August, but I'm gonna chalk that up to a big-fat-epic fail. Taking video is so not part of my memory keeping process + I'm awful at video, so I kinda just forgot everyday (until I was laying in bed and remembered that I didn't take a video for the day). So... this should be interesting, but I wanted to push myself to try something new and different + my kids LOVE to see themselves on video, so I thought it would be something they might enjoy doing too.

I like the idea of the 1 Second Everyday app, but I "think" I want more than just one second a day. Not necessarily a super long video every day, but maybe a few 5-10 seconds of our life. I'm still undecided on the amount at this point, so I'm just gonna go for it and see what ends up happening!

Here's a look at what I did get for August...womp womp. It's a few videos with way more photos sprinkled in and it's definitely nothing spectaular by far, but Drew's little laugh seriously makes me smile every.single.time.

Any interest in joining me in this fun September project?? It would be WAY more fun if there was a little group for sure + that would kind of keep me accountable (which I totally need, so pleeeeeeeeezzz...that's me begging)! Hope you will play along!! We'll all make horrible videos together, lol!


  1. Oh what a cool project. I wish I'd read this post yesterday... I always forget to shoot video. I shoot a lot of photos (super amateur here). We played with friends this morning and I wish I'd had a video of some of their games!

    How do you edit/splice your videos?

    Natalie from

  2. Sounds like a super fun project. SORRY, but I'm HORRIBLE at taking video but great at everyday photos. I guess for me it's a storage, or lack of, on my phone (my only method for picture taking or videos) issue. So my husband is the video guy. Thank goodness!

  3. Oh I love this app ! I am using it since a bit more than one year now... At first I was like you and I thought that one second was not enough... But I have to say that I get used to it and I really love it !
    I put a short sum up of one of my video last April if you want to have a look ! (Post is in French but video does need translation !) I have to update it soon ! ;)