glitz design: CHA sneak peeks

i am so bummed i can't make it to CHA next week, but i am super excited to be able to play around with the new glitz design collections.

you can see the full collections here on the glitz blog.  they are seriously amazing.  everything i thought i found a favorite, i started playing around with the next collection and quickly changed my mind.  sigh.

i'm pretty sure that finnley and wild & free are my top two.  the "la la love you" card is absolutely adorable and the colors in wild & free are perfect.

here is a quick look at what i've been doing lately.....
11 layouts and 2 mini albums in 2 days. 

finnley collection

dapper dan collection

wild & free collection

wild & free collection


  1. Everything looks amazing!! Can't wait to see all your works!
    I so love that mini album... Wish I could see the inside! :D

    1. Thanks Marta!! I'll be sharing more soon!! :)