glitz design: winter

this week at glitz design is all about winter.  and i am all about winter....EXCEPT...that north carolina doesn't really get much "winter".  and i want snow.  like 20 inches of snow.  i want to be snowed in for days and watch movies and drink hot cocoa.  but nope.  just rain.  they say we might get flurries later this week (and i'm sure the schools will close on that account), but it won't be much.  my hopes aren't up.  for all of you who live in snow all winter, i'm super jealous.  send some my way, mkay???  :)

so....for the "winter" theme this week, i dug through my hard drive and found some snow pictures from when we lived in maryland.  as you can see it wasn't much, but it was enough to get outside and build a snowman.  (anyone else singing "do you want to build a snowman"?).

i couldn't decide on just one or two pictures, so i went with all six.  so fun to change things up every once in a while!!

here's a look at my layout....

happy tuesday!