tutorial: create your own glittered background

The theme of the week at Glitz Design is glitter!  I love glitter.  I love the sparkle and the shine and just how pretty it is on paper.  It's definitely messy, but the end result is just so pretty I can't resist it!

I got super messy for my project at Glitz this week.  Well....not too messy, but messier than normal.  I thought I would share this fun little tutorial incase anyone else loves glitter as much as I do!

1. Grab your supplies.
You'll need a piece of white card stock, mod podge, gold glitter, washi tape (not shown) and a paint brush.

2. Start by taping a piece of extra large washi tape from corner to corner on your card stock.
I wanted my background to have a bold design element, so I chose to add glitter to one half of my paper.  You could easily tape off different sections, or even use your silhouette to cut out a pattern for your background.  I applied my washi tape from one edge to another, leaving a triangle on the bottom right hand corner of my page.

3. Apply a layer of mod podge.
I use matte mod podge because it dries super clear and not glossy.  Be sure to rinse out your brush as soon as you are done!  Mod podge dries super hard and rather quickly.

4. Add your glitter.
I poured glitter all over the lower half of my page and then held up my paper to shake the excess all around.  Then I dumped the excess onto another piece of paper and filled in any empty spaces making sure the bottom was covered.

5. Seal your glitter.
Once your first layer of mod podge is dry (about 15 minutes), add another layer of mod podge over top to seal in your glitter.  This will keep the glitter from flaking off and getting all over EVERYTHING.  This is a must (to me) if I am using glitter.  The layer of mod podge will completely seal in that glitter!

Slowly peel off your washi tape when the mod podge is dry for a clean crisp line.

Here are a few detail shots of that fun glittered background!

Are you a fan of glitter?  
If you give this a try, feel free to link up your projects in the comments or either tag me on Instagram!  I'd love to see your work!!

Happy Monday!


  1. Gorgeous design ! Thanks for the tutorial. Beautiful layout !

  2. This is so pretty, Stephanie....LOVE all the glitter that you used!! Great job on the tutorial too!!

  3. thank you for the tutorial!