July Project Life Album

One thing I've learned throughout my monthly Project Life "book" process is that photos are timeless.  I sat down and looked through all six of my previous albums prior to starting the 7th (thinking what in the world did I get myself into, LOL), and after the first few pages, I knew exactly why I do this.  I do this to document our memories.  I do this to preserve the today.  I do this so I can look at all I have in our life.  I do this to remember. 

We all have our own way of remembering things.  Some take photos, some journaling, some create mini albums (or lots and lots of mini albums in my case).  I think part of it is about the process, but the BIG part of it is about remembering.

I tried to be more thoughtful and reflective in my album this month.  I tried to add more journaling and stories.  But I have to admit - the storytelling part isn't easy for me.  I'm too literal, too in the moment, I think.  And other times, I'm too far away from the moment - so the story actually becomes more of my "feelings" and interpretation.

But the best part, I realized, is that it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter how I tell my story, or what I add.  It doesn't matter if I write a single word, or an entire paragraph.  What matters is that I'm remembering and documenting (whether it be now or later).  I'm remembering the moment.  The small moments.  Those everyday moments.

This month, I used a 5.5x8.5 binder that I picked up from Target.  I contemplated cutting the covers off and just using book rings to bind my book, but I loved the way the binder looked in ONE piece, so I just ran with it.

I had to alter my page protectors to work with the binder by trimming off the inside "punched-hole" edge and then punching my own holes, but it worked out perfectly!  I kind of have a love-hate relationship with plastic page protectors anyway...

These 2x2 pockets, though, are the love part of my love-hate relationship.  I just can't pass up an evenly spaced, perfect collage.

I added in a few "scrapbook-ish" types of pages in the book, and I also tried to utilize a bit of white space on some of pages.  Love the white space.

And my very favorite page of the entire month, has to be this "he-she" photo page.  I printed a photo on an 8.5x11 piece of photo paper and then trimmed it around the edges and evenly down the middle.  I used some of the alpha stamps from the Studio Calico Fairground kits to stamp out "he" and "she" and then typed up some "favorites" of my kiddos right now.  I mean, I kinda want to make an entire book out of he/she, so be warned!


  1. I've been waiting all week to see this!!!

    I have that same binder and noticed the same issue with page protectors but decided to punch holes in the spine of the page protector (between the pre-punched holes that don't align with the rings in this thing) instead of chopping it off. I have a thing about punching holes through *some* photos, like collages. I can't stand when the hole isn't punched in the white space and "eats" part of the photo. Anyway. I digress.

    The he/she page is genius and I may have to borrow that idea!

    Also, how are the pages at the top and bottom (in the center) with being turned? I notice in my book that they hit and kind of curl around the thingies at the top and bottom of the rings and have contemplated cutting little arcs or semi-circles in the corners to ensure they lay flat and don't curl...thoughts?

  2. I love it and am really jealous, that you have this in your hands to enjoy :) how much time did it take you to make? :) It's so beautiful! :)

  3. Love this! Where are the gold alphabet stickers from?

  4. So cute! You make great mini albums Stephanie!

  5. I've been debating since the beginning of this year how to get my pictures off the computer. Photo books seems so much easier and less expensive to me, but every time I see a post of yours, I want to try! I worked on one last year and it was much harder than I expected...but you have so many great ideas I always walk away newly inspired!