For you Sweet Girl

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite.layouts.ever.  Ever.

This is an oldie, but goodie.  It was published in one of the issues at Northridge Publishing, so it never made it onto the blog.  

When I started this page, I knew I wanted to create little hidden journaling and picture flaps on my page.    I always love to make layouts interactive with hidden journaling, pull out cards, etc...  so I opened up my silhouette program and started drawing boxes all over my 12x12 template.  Then I erased the top line of each box, cut out my template and was ready to go!

I covered the outside flips with patterned paper or pictures and then added my journaling and notes inside each flap.

As I worked on this page, I decided to dedicate this page to my daughter so i included lots of fun info about her.....her favorites....her personality...just her...

Here is a better look at the layout.

Do you like making interactive pages??  I love making them and usually hang these up in my room since they are so fun to play with!  Slipping them inside of a page protector just doesn't do them justice!!  


  1. OMG this is a lovely layout. I like the interactive parts...this is great.

  2. Gorgeous layout! Considering doing the same for my girls!! In fact I believe you did a similar one, and gave the png file for the silhouette... Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes!! You should totally do one!! Your girls would love it, I'm sure!! :)