Week In The Life 2014: The Pictures

Some weeks are plain and ordinary.  Some weeks are awesome and crazy.  Some weeks are blah.  I'm not really sure where to fit in our past week.  We definitely had some highs, but we also had some lows.  Anna was sick from Thursday on into the weekend, so, as you can see a lot of our days are at home....being silly, resting, drinking coffee.  I'm a super big homebody, so being at home day after day was actually kind of awesome.  It gave me lots of time to snuggle, reflect, rest and read.  My week usually consists of school drop offs, carpool lines, early morning runs, Girl Scout meetings, school meetings, errands, etc.  When you have a sick child, you can't just venture out to do those things.  I found it interesting that this glimpse of our week isn't necessarily our "typical" week.  And I'm totally okay with that.  I like that I got to capture a week from a different angle.  I like that I got to stay home alllllllll day long, and in-between taking care of Anna and trying to keep Drew from tearing our house apart, take pictures!

Looking back through my previous years, I noticed that my shots were a lot less "intentional" this year and more random.....more of a "snapshot", rather than a "story".  I would normally use my timer to try to get myself in the photo....more of me in the shots, but honestly, my "actions" were pretty repetitive throughout the week, and pretty blah, so it didn't even dawn on me to take those photos.  I love looking back on our week and I am so thankful for this project!  Thank you, Ali, for your inspiration!

Here is a look at our collage form, obviously.  :)  

I haven't really decided how I plan to document these photos.  I wrote down a lot of my thoughts throughout the week, so I am contemplating creating a mini album or journal.  But part of me really wants to upload them to Artifact Uprising like I did last year.  I'm still thinking on that one!  How are you documenting your Week In The Life?

About Week in the Life™:  A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life began in 2005 as an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of life with photos and words. The albums I've created are some of my most treasured in that they are wonderfully true representations of my family's life at a particular point in time. From the mundane to the profound, it's those simple little everyday moments that I treasure most.


  1. Talking of Drew tearing your house apart, I'd love to hear a bit more about how you juggle your life as a scrapbooker, homemaker, wife and mother in a future post? As one who struggles, I'm always interested to read about how organised ladies get things done! x

  2. Thanks ladies!! I've debated doing a post on how I organize my days, but it always sounds so boring when I think about it…. Maybe one day!