my lovely new blog....

hello and happy monday!!

welcome, welcome to my brand new blog!  my sweet sweet friend magda mizera designed it for me and did such an amazing job, didn't she??  i am just in love!!  i hope this format is a little easier for navigating around!  and if not, well....then, at least it sure does look pretty!!  :)

i cannot even begin to tell you how sweet magda is!  and talented!!  stop by her amazing blog and leave her some love for me, okay??  and if anyone is in the need of a blog update i couldn't recommend her more!!

xoxo magda!  you know i love you!!


  1. It looks great!! You and Magda have such similar styles...what a perfect fit!
    And, WOWZWERS girl!!! Did not know your DT list was up to 8!!! Congratulations...I don't know how you do it! xoxo :)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! so inspiring, I will visit her blog right away!