workspace wednesday...

i'm loving these workspace wednesday posts with marcy penner.  basically i just love any and everything organization!  did you get a peek at her craft room today.  swoooooooon.  i seriously don't think i would ever leave that room if it were in my house.  and i'm pretty sure i will be purchasing some candy jars today.  :)

today i thought i would share how i store some of my smaller mini albums.  i'm overflowing in mini books and i don't see myself slowing down any time soon.  i love making mini albums.  i'm not quite sure why, but i just do...

i found this adorable hanging basket at target a few years ago and i have slowly filled up both levels.  i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be used in a kitchen as a fruit basket, but i think minis look better, don't you??  so fun to see your works of art hanging in your room...  now, if only everyone could come grab a cup of coffee and sit and look at these with me....sigh.


  1. Pretty sure now I need a hanging basket and candy jars;) Such a cute way to display your minis!

  2. what a supercool idea, love the colour and those minis look fantastic in it!