Esprit Magazine

I am so honored to be featured in the newest edition of Esprit Magazine.  I've been in quite a few online magazines, but actually holding my hands on a print copy is pretty amazing.  The magazine is a French scrapbooking magazine and is full of inspiration, ideas and articles.

My interview covered two pages and included some of my favorite layouts and Project Life spreads.

Thank you again to the wonderful ladies at Esprit Magazine.  I am so humbled and honored that you chose me to be a part of your magazine.  Here's to hoping more magazines come back in print style.  I miss them dearly!


  1. That must be a great feeling seeing your work in a real magazine! Congrats to you!

  2. I miss the print mags too...hadn't heard of this one but thanks for the link-will get to look at it on the ipad while I wait for the dd to finish driving school :)

  3. as I love so much your work I was delighted with this nice article about you in my favorite magazine