This Room...

My sweet little craft room (aka my favorite place on Earth).
I love this place.  I love just walking in the door.  I crave being in there when days go by and I haven't stepped foot in there.  I love just shuffling through papers and baskets and bowls with no real purpose in mind.  I love how light and bright this room.  I love the center island and how much more desktop space I have now.  I love that no matter how much desk space I have, I still choose to sit and work on the floor.  I love that I can spread my stuff out all of over the place and then close the door when I'm done so no one messes with my piles and piles of projects.  I love the Ikea Expedit and am still so sad they discontinued that model.  I love how my inspiration board is overflowing with photos and images and ideas.  I love that I just keep adding stuff right on top of stuff on the board.  

What I don't love...the far wall.  The blank wall.  The one that has nothing on it.  It needs something, but I just can't figure out what to put there.  Any thoughts??  I would love to hear them!

Happy day everyone!


  1. Some kind of huge cork wall or magnetic paint and decorate with your beautiful pages!!!

  2. Family pictures of course, or perhaps you could have a brag wall. Line the wall with wire/hooks and hang up your most recent pages for display until they go into the scrapbook.
    Gabi from Denton, TX

  3. What a stunning room - very you! At first I thought you could paint that wall a colour and then remembered you're the Queen of white space! I agree with Gabrielle - a white-framed black and white portrait of your beautiful family would look stunning and provide inspiration too. xx

  4. I loved your summer bucket list garland... and I would fill the space with something similar. But I think you could do everything and it would be perfect.... I love every single thing you do. You're great!

  5. Replies
    1. (Ooh yes - do that! A cluster of three in different sizes, perhaps pink, white and aqua, would look mouthwateringly gorgeous)

  6. I think you should frame some of your favorite layouts for that wall and then switch them out when you want to. It you don't want frames, you can use a pretty curtain rod and hang layouts that way too. Great space! - Shelly

  7. You could try hanging your layouts on one of those wire wall attachments that they sell at ikea. I have one in my room and once it's installed it's fun to add all your projects and papers you want to save onto it with little clips! You could run a few along that wall horizontally up the wall...hope that helps!

  8. I would go with pictures but in a creative way, not just a plain frame :)

  9. I think you answered your own question already in the body of your text ;)

  10. Love your room! I think an old map would look awesome...something different with muted colors. Can't wait to see what you choose!