In Progress

I love having projects "in progress".  I love seeing little piles of papers and stacks of photos scattered on top of my desk.  And yes, I'm a self-proclaimed neat freak, but man do I like a pretty mess!!  My room is a little "messy" right now, but these projects are just making me so happy!!

I have a lot of projects in progress right now and they are all so fun!!

Of course, I have my December Daily® album out and open alllllll.the.time.  I've really enjoyed working on it a little each day, and I'm remembering why it's so awesome to put together some type of foundation page prior to the month beginning!  They really do take out most of the guess-work as far as photos needed and photo placement.  I've had to be a little flexible with some of my days, and I'm totally ok with that.  I'm all about making things easy and fun.

I'm also working on my Barcelona mini album from my trip to Spain this past July.  I typically finish my trip mini albums shortly after the vacation ends, but I am totally smitten with doing it months later.  I love looking back through all of the photos and memorabilia.  And even though our trip was months ago, I still feel like I can get the gist of our vacation packed into this little book!!

I started with a binder that I picked up at Target, but it wasn't working for me, so I cut out the middle rings, punched holes and added my own book rings.  I think it was just a little too rigid for me before.  I love a good handmade book!!  The book is going to be pretty photo heavy, but I did I pull out my Studio Calico Park Avenue Scrapbook Kit and Project Life Kit to add in a few extras.  The scrapbook kit may be one of my very favorite kits to date.  The gold foil scratch off map paper must have been included in there just for me!!  I trimmed that piece right up to create a few pages in my album!

And my favorite project right now.... I'm working on sending out all of my cards from my A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail kit. Sending letters and cards is ALWAYS on my to-do list, but as I mentioned on Instagram, it ALWAYS gets pushed to the back burner for some reason.  I always mean to pick up cards, or make them, but I never do.  The Happy Mail kit is going to change all of that for sure!  I've mailed out about 5 of the cards, so I only have a few more to go.  Just trying to figure out who should get the "Spank You Very Much" one, LOL!  :)

I have a zillion more projects on my list to do, as well as a zillion projects on Pinterest that I would love to get to one day!!  But every time I hop on Pinterest to find one thing to make, I fall into the Pin-world and can't easily get out!!  That place is a total time suck.  

What about you??  What are you working on?  Do you have piles all around your room as well?


  1. Hello Stephanie!
    Right now my desk is full of projects that I'm finishing for Christmas. I'm decorating two baskets with presents for my kid's teachers, cards for friends and family, Christmas Daily, and so on. Documenting our family life in Christmas is sometimes stressful but worth it.
    I love your beautiful projects.
    Thanks so much. Visiiting your blog it's always a pleasure.
    Best regards from Spain.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    As my country fellow just said, I barely have room on my desk to cope with anything else. I also use it as my workstation so all my goodies, cell phone, laptop and computer are hoarding me around :S happily around, must add.
    I am currently working on my December daily following you - a bit behind - on your 25 days classroom. My daughter's past birthday has kept me busy with all the preparations! Not sure if it counts as an excuse though... My wall has been set up as a display of pictures for her birthday, each one for every month up until she was 11 months old and, during the next days, I will take them down to make a mini album with them :)
    My husband helps me out with the hoarding bringing some files with sample pockets that give me quite a few ideas of how to use them for.
    I have started a couple of days ago my personal planner. Got one ordinary filofax and I have customized my daily/year layout to suit my daily planning. It is just the fun that I need 'handy' when I need a break from the office and I'm not yet home!
    My family and baby's Project Life Albums are waiting here by my side to be caught up as well!
    I got a couple of different size canvases cause I want to transfer some family pictures to keep decorating the house...
    I want to continue as well my mini album 'FAVE' series... (had to build up a box with divisions to sort out the pictures for every project!) just can't stop now.
    I am also finishing up decorating my daughter's room with big size polystyrene cut out letters wrapped with pretty pattern paper... it just looks so girly that my mom would be very proud of me! ha
    I want to give a cute Christmas present to my domestic worker that I know she liked when I made it when decorating my house. I wrapped with yarn my baby's empty purities and decorated them with pretty goodies. Opsss, gotta get it ready before this Friday though!.
    I agree, Pinterest is a time sucker. My board 'Must do' is waiting for my Christmas holidays to start up new projects! if not enough so far... :P
    Yet, I do not understand how, without having a scrapbook room (yet), I am surviving to this hoarding hahaha
    Happy scrapbooking!