Memory Planner: My Favorite Supplies

Oh Memory Planner!  You continue to be my newest obsession.  I seriously love you. xo-

I'm still (obviously) so obsessed with this planner!!  I write my lists in here, add in little notes, staple in photos, keep grocery lists, record memories, etc...  It's kind of like a "catch-all" for my life.  I love having a two page monthly calendar and then individual daily boxes.  My life just doesn't fit onto one  basic calendar.  

I love adding in fun photos, cards and stickers to my planner and today, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!!

I use small transparent stickers, Heidi's washi tape book and post-it notes everyday.  I loooooove post-it notes!!  I probably write about 20 a day (for both work and home), and my favorite part is tossing them out at the end of the day!!  Nothing like checking things off of the list!!  I usually use just plain white post-it notes for making these "reminder" notes.  They have more space and I need that.  I use the smaller post-its for adding in dates/times/places to my daily boxes.

I keep the Memory Planner pouch in the front of my planner, and it's stocked with cards, tags and some extra stickers.  It does add a little bit of bulk to my planner, but that doesn't bother me.  The bigger the better!!

I have a few mini alpha, journaling cards and stickers in the front pocket of the planner.  When I need these, I just slide them out, use them and then pop them back in.  When I run out of "a" and "e", I'll just rotate in a new pack.  (Anyone else feel like they need a set of just extra a's and e's???)

The things that don't fit into the pouch are kept in this little basket (from Target).  Having everything in one place is a must!  It definitely saves me time when searching for supplies.  I'm also in habit of working in my planner on Sunday night (for meal planning, blog planning, general to-dos), and I usually just bring this basket downstairs and work on the couch.  

And that's it!!
Everything is together and easily accessible!!!  And I love it!!
How's your planner coming along???  Are you as obsessed as me??


  1. I love love your blog and your work-so beautiful! AND your kids are the CUTEST! This HS planner is my fav on the market (not sure how so many people got them before they have come out?) and I have it on preorder online since January... Now they are saying March-I guess due to the shipping problems. I can hardly stand this waiting when I see your beautiful planner! I also have all the embellishments on preorder except that cute zipper/embellishment bag-wasn't able to find it anywhere on line not preorder sold out! I am still determined to get it! Good things come to those who wait right?! Anyhoo- thanks for listening and please continue posting what your adding to yours so we can all drool-ha!

  2. I second everything in the above comment! March, its so far away! I don't know how i will wait that long. Your planner is so good please keep posting pics x

  3. Definitely agree about a sheet of extra a's and e's. Tried to do a title the other day with a NEW set of stickers, and there weren't enough e's! Love that HS planner.