Gossamer Blue: Creative Journaling Ideas for Project Life

I made it a goal this year to add more notes and details about my photos and our life.  It’s usually just a sentence or maybe even a few words, but I love that years from now we will be able to look back at this album and remember all of these little moments.
Here are some creative ways I like to add journaling to my pages:

1. Type or write onto vellum.
I am a big fan of vellum.  I love the transparent nature it adds to the album.  I usually just type out of journaling using my typewriter, trim and then add to my spread.  You can easily print on vellum from your computer, or even write your journaling directly onto the vellum.  Just be sure to give the ink time to dry.

For this pocket, I wanted to use this little frame to hold our weekly events.  Since it’s typed on vellum, you can see through to the next page.  It makes for a fun little “peek-a-boo” effect.

Here, I typed my journaling on a little square of vellum and then added it onto of my photo with a few little tags and stickers.  Again, since the vellum is transparent, it doesn’t take away from my photo.

2. Typing directly onto photo.
Super easy, and super effective!!  I slide my photo into my typewriter, add my journaling and call it done.  I usually have to hold the photo in place in my typewriter towards the bottom edge to make sure my journaling is (somewhat) straight.  And I try to find the “white space” of my photo to help the journaling stand out.

For this photo, I typed my journaling in the bottom right hand corner and then added the “love her” tag over it.

Here’s another example of using white space to add journaling.  I typed my notes onto the bedspread of my photo.  If I would have tried to add my journaling above the photo on the tag, I wouldn’t have had enough space.  I love that I was able to add the details about my son’s new “big boy bed”.

Same thing on this photo.  So easy!

3. Type or write onto patterned paper or tags.

Sizing photos smaller than the photo pockets allows you to add titles and journaling onto the bottom layer.  For the pocket above, I printed my picture at 4×4 inches and adhered my photo to a 4×6 piece of patterned paper.  Doing this gave me room to add some journaling and a title.

I also love to add tags and embellishments to the “empty space” of my photos.  I trimmed down a journaling card, typed my thoughts and then added a few little fun layers on top of the journaling card.

This photo didn’t really require much journaling….just a simple note about the day.  I trimmed down one of the Flea Market tags from the add-on kit, added my journaling and then sewed it into place.

4. Use a white gel pen to add journaling directly onto photos.

This is another great example of using the “white space” of a photo to add notes.  My typewriter would have been too dark on this photo, so I used my Uniball white gel pen to add my journaling.  Simple and easy!!
Same thing here….journaling onto the sidewalk using the same white pen!

5. Add hidden journaling using tags and pockets

And that’s about it!!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!!  I hope these examples have inspired you to add more journaling and thoughts to your Life Pages album!!  

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