Project Life: Adding Ephemera & Memorabilia

I shared this post about adding ephemera and memorabilia to your Project Life spread over at Gossamer Blue last week and thought I would share it here as well!  Enjoy!

As I was putting together my Life Pages spreads this month, I found myself with quite a bit of ephemera and memorabilia.  Some months I have very few little extra bits and pieces and some months I end up with more than normal.  I love adding memorabilia and anything extra that pertains to our "everyday" into my Life Pages spreads.  I'm a "collector" by nature, so having a place to keep all of these things is a win-win to me. 

I have a small tray in my craft room where I throw in anything that I might want to put into my album.  I keep receipts, business cards, letters, movie tickets, paint swatches, menus, pertinent mail, etc.  I also will throw in any small pieces of artwork my children bring home from school.

When I'm ready to put together my weeks, I grab out the dish and see what might fit with the photos I have.  I usually use the ephemera or memorabilia to tell our story from that week.  

One of the stories that I included in my Life Pages spread this month was a little overnight trip my husband and I took to celebrate our anniversary.  I stocked up on key cards, menus, coasters and pretty hotel papers just so I could add them to my album.

This photo above is the pocket that our room card was placed in.  The flowers were so pretty, I couldn't resist using it this week.  I trimmed it down to roughly 3x4 inches and added my journaling into the white space.  It's so pretty and it made the perfect journaling card!

This tomato seed packet made the cut as well this week.  We are starting our garden and my husband is obsessed with plants.  I paired a Life Pages journaling card with the packet to tell the story.

Here, I've added in a plane ticket stub and a few clothing tags.  The ticket fills in the blanks about my husband's work this week and the tags give the perfect impression of what is "current" in my kids' lives right now.

I used part of a Starbucks bag to add a "his/hers" coffee choice into my spread.  This little card tells the story and you don't really need more info or even a photo.

As I mentioned, I'm a collector of "things".  This room key definitely was making it's way into my month.  To keep it from sliding around, I adhered it to a pretty journaling card.

While these next two aren't actually pieces of memorabilia, I thought they fit pretty well in this category.

Recording what we ate is sometimes fun to include....but I rarely remember to snap a photo while cooking or eating.  In this above photo, I took a screenshot of my Pinterest board that had the meal I made and printed it out.  I trimmed down one of the Life Pages journaling cards and added it to the lower half of my picture to make it a little more personal and relevant.

I'm sure this photo has made it's way into quite a few Project Life albums.  I knew I wanted to include it as soon as I saw them snap the photo at the Oscars.  To make it a little more about "us", I typed out the movies nominated for Best Picture and then added an asterisk next to the ones we had watched.  Just something a little different.  Adding current events and pop culture is always fun!

Here is a look at my two completed Project Life spreads:

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I hope I have inspired you to add more ephemera and memorabilia to your albums!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Love these ideas! I like how you just put some things in (clothing tags) without any explanation. They really do dpeak for themselves. I tend to feel the need to explain those types of things, but from now on, I'll just "let it go"!

  2. I love this! So much inspiration :)

  3. Your pages are great! Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I feel like I have more memorabilia then photos. Should I still try project life or just glue and paste into a composition notebook?